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Legacy Videos 
by Stan Reese Media

Because Memories Are Worth It


Legacy Videos by Stan Reese Media

Legacy Video - Knoxville

Legacy Video - Knoxville
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Legacy Video - Knoxville
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A Legacy Video by Stan Reese Media

It's a Memory that will live forever

When you contact us about a Legacy Video by Stan Reese Media, we make arrangements to come to your home - normally on a weekend when the whole family is there - and we just observe. Our camera follows the kids, the cat and the parents through a few of hours of their daily life.


What we end up with is a "day in the life" type film which is really what you will remember as the family grows up. Those Saturday mornings getting ready for soccer or a Sunday morning getting ready for church or even a Saturday afternoon around the grill. 

This is the keepsake that you will cherish and look at often as each child hits a milestone until eventually they have a family of their own. Contact us today. A Legacy Video by Stan Reese Media  - because memories are worth it. 

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A Legacy Video by Stan Reese Media

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Family Walking On the Beach
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